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Buying a house is an exciting experience, but it’s also a challenging one. Before making the decision to buy, it’s essential that you understand the condition of your prospective new home.

Our clients rely on our expertise, and we take this responsibility seriously. The inspectors at Mose Home Inspection Montreal Services thoroughly examine all major systems of the prospective home including the roof, structure, exterior, plumbing, electrical, insulation, interior, heating and cooling. We make sure you understand the condition of the property. Whether buying a condo, house, multiplex or commercial building, our inspectors go step-by-step through any potential problems to make sure you understand the home’s strengths and weaknesses, and the extent of maintenance and repairs if you decide to purchase it.

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Mose Inspectors are proud members of the Internachi Québec International Association, THE reference for building inspections throughout Quebec, ensuring inspectors are well trained, knowledgeable and up-to-date.

Mose Home Inspection Montreal inspectors are also members of the The American Society of Home Inspectors.



Owning a home is an ongoing investment: home repairs and maintenance need to be done regularly. Has that home been well-maintained? Make sure you know what you're getting into; if you hesitate to hire a professional inspector, think about what it might cost if you hire an amateur?

Our home inspectors thoroughly examine all the major systems of the house, including the roof, structure, exterior, plumbing, electrical, insulation, and interior. All reports, delivered within 48 hours, include descriptions and photos.

A home inspection helps protect you as you make one of the biggest financial investments of your life. For a Montreal home inspection you can trust, offering courteous service and integrity, call Mose Home Inspection Services.

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Founder and CEO


Built from the ground up, Ivan’s company philosophy has always been to ensure quality, professionalism, and up-to-date technology for the team and for business operations, which continues to expand.

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Home inspectors take on the job of finding problems, and explaining our findings so the buyer can understand whether the problem is serious or not. “The way we present a problem can sometimes make or break the sale.”

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“People often ask me, when will the inspector be here? – She’s here, I tell them. They’re usually pleasantly surprised that their home will be carefully inspected by a woman.”

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From the neighbourhood “fix it” guy to Montreal heritage building expert, Gerry appreciates old world charm, but is quick to point out lack of insulation or electrical that doesn’t meet today’s standards.

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Michael Winkel, Home Inspector
Home Inspector


With 18 years of construction under his belt, plus extensive academic study of wood, Michael loves to unravel the story behind a building construction. “Building components leave traces of history, and you get to piece it together—I love that,” Michael says.

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Charles is a people person. With ten years of working as an attendant with Air Canada, he’s a skilled communicator. “It’s an important skill for a home inspector too.”

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With extensive experience in heating/cooling exchange problems, and solving air quality and mould problems, Maximilien is a specialist when it comes to expertise reports.

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As qualified Montreal Home Inspectors, we are trained to examine your potential new home and identify any problems it might have. We are a family business working to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice.

An interior inspection offers a look at the integrity of a contractor or renovators work, and helps identify potential problems. We do a thorough inspection of the doors, windows, ceiling, walls, and look for indications of structural defects, potential leaks, caulking, ceramic installation, flooring, and much much more.

Mose commercial inspections include low-rise office buildings, strip malls, light industrial buildings, and multi-unit residential investment properties.

We'll start with a walk around the exterior to ensure that your home is level and its structural integrity. We look for cracks in the foundation and other signs of structural distress. We'll inform you of the state of your brick , lintels and much more.

We evaluate the general condition of the heating system and make sure heat is being distributed properly throughout the home. If the furnace or boiler is old, the home inspector may recommend that it be replaced. The inspector determines if there are any safety risks, such as a loose flue connection or proximity to combustible materials.

Mose Home Inspection Services offers the latest in home inspection technology – infrared thermography. This technology helps locate hidden defects in a house or building without having to disassemble walls or interfering with any part of the existing structure.

Unless there are weather or safety reasons that inhibit climbing on the roof, we inspect all aspects of the roof to make sure the chimney, downspouts, skylights, shingles, and roof flashings are in good shape.

To verify the capacity and condition of the electrical system, we will open and examine the system panel. The circuit-breaker (or fuse) box is examined to ensure that the service capacity is adequate and that the breakers and wires are suitably matched. We also test outlets and switches and indicate when plugs are not grounded.

There are many reasons it makes sense to test a home's air for chemical pollutants that could affect your health and the well-being of your family. Both new and old homes can contain dangerous chemicals. Mose inspectors are equipped with advanced devices to test the levels of air quality in your home, or in a home you are about to purchase.


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