The Most Important Home Maintenance Tool you will Ever Own

As a homeowner what do you consider the most important home maintenance tool? We’ve heard a wide range of answers:





“Measuring tape.”

“Duct tape.”


“Hedge trimmer.”

It’s true, trim hedges and fresh paint are all good for a home, but non of the tools listed above compare to this one:

The #1 Tool for Homeowners:

Caulking Gun

#1 Tool: Caulking Gun

The caulking gun is by far, the most important tool you will ever own as a homeowner.


Water is your worst enemy.

A caulking gun is the only tool that helps seal up the gaps that will allow water to infiltrate your home, causing severe damage. Water causes more damage than any other element.

A report by Aviva Canada Insurance showed that the insurance company paid out $180 million in water damage claims in 2014, a 189% increase versus 2004.

Homeowners are failing to keep their homes safe from water damage, and it’s only going to become more important.

By ignoring the water infiltration problem,Canadians are neglecting to invest where it counts, and paying out big in the long term as insurance rates are sure to rise.

Caulking is becoming increasingly important, as water infiltration issues are on the rise.

Why are water damage issues increasing?

  • More frequent severe weather events.
  • An aging sewer system that is unable to deal with large amounts of water within a short time period
  • Average yearly rainfall in Canada has increased by 12% in the past 60 years, with 20 more days of rain a year than the 1950s.
  • Catastrophes like overland flooding are on the increase.
  • According to Environment Canada, severe weather events that used to happen every 40 years can now be expected to happen every six years.

Get Caulking Now

Where does caulking need to be applied?

In addition to  all the obvious places indoors ( windows, bathtub, sinks, shower), caulking on the outside of your building is even more important, to help keep the weather and moisture out.

Wherever two surfaces come together to form a joint, apply caulking:

  • Corners where brick, stucco or fieldstone meet siding or shingles
  • Where brick and metal frames or supporting beams join up
  • When wood or metal posts sit on a concrete floor
  • Look for gaps along foundation walls, if caulking is insufficient, use spray foam.
  • Around air conditioners, attic vents, chimneys and other vents that come through the roof
  • Around dryer vents, kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans and similar openings in the outside walls or under overhanging eaves.
  • Around pipes, downspouts and electric cables
  • Around door frames and window frames and rusty lintels.

Find any source of infiltration and seal up your home tight, to avoid causing damage from water, ice and snow.

The $$$ cost $$$ of the most important tool you will ever own as a homeowner?

About $5.

Make sure you don’t cheap out on this one – it could save you a whole lot of money.

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Anna Lising
Anna Lising
00:07 16 Oct 21
Carol was easy going and made us feel at ease from the first second we met. She is knowledgeable. We appreciate the... little tips and tricks she gave us. Would definitely recommend 👌🏽 Thank you Carol!read more
Lay Chan Wee
Lay Chan Wee
01:19 31 Aug 21
I was impressed with the service provided by Rui Su. He was organized, explained in detail area that I am not familiar... with. He provided a good report. I will recommend him if you need home more
Mary Jane Caro
Mary Jane Caro
14:25 27 Aug 21
I am always pleased to recommend Carol Mose from Mose Home Inspection Services to my clients who have had offers... accepted on residential real estate properties. She is knowledgeable, thorough, provides clear explanations, and delivers comprehensive more
Massimo Pannunzio
Massimo Pannunzio
22:05 25 Aug 21
Michael has got to be on of the best home inspectors in all of Quebec. It was amazing working with him and he had my... best interest at heart when making a life changing decision. He made sure I had all the answers and made it easy to work with him. I will be using Mose inspection for any moment that I need an inspection done that's for sure!read more
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee
19:14 16 Jun 21
Amazing experience with Carol Mose who helped me with a pre-purchase inspection! She was very approachable and... observant, and informed me of all her first impressions on-site. This gave me greater understanding of any conditions as I was able to ask any quick questions on the spot. Her reports are the most thorough that I've seen and include diagrams to help explain what any physical signs mean and potential consequences. Could not have asked for a better inspector!read more
Maeghan Banks
Maeghan Banks
15:38 14 Jun 21
Carol was wonderful to work with for our pre-purchase inspection. She was professional, thorough and communicative,... taking the time to explain her findings as we went through the house. After the inspection, we felt we had clear knowledge of the condition of the house (both pros and cons), allowing us to move forward with the purchase with confidence. Highly recommend!read more
12:24 13 Jun 21
a professional Inspection expert with all major and minor issues and even potential damages that could happen in the... future, all in detailed and comprehensible more
Ryan Chalupovitsch
Ryan Chalupovitsch
13:43 01 Jun 21
Carol Mose is the best home inspector in the business. Approachable and extremely knowledgeable. She did an... inspection for me and really took the time to explain her findings and help me understand the home I was looking to purchase. Cannot recommend her enough. Don’t more
Elisabeth Faure
Elisabeth Faure
21:16 29 Apr 21
This is the second time I have used MOSE, and they are always really amazing. Very nice, very professional. they came... to have a look at my roof and let me know if we were due for a repair - I was very satisfied with everything and would recommend them to anybody!read more
Hannah S
Hannah S
22:05 16 Apr 21
I had a great experience with Mose home inspection. My husband and I are first time homebuyers and so had a ton of... questions about the process. Everyone we talked with was really informative and helpful. Michael was our inspector and was phenomenal. The inspection was very thorough and he explained everything in detail with realistic next steps for us to take. We came out of the inspection feeling really informed. Plus, he is just an absolute delight! He had very contagious enthusiasm and made the inspection a really positive experience. Would highly recommend!read more
Gabriel Lukuc
Gabriel Lukuc
03:05 16 Apr 21
Michael was amazing. He took the time to explain to us what’s really important and the reasoning behind it. We’re not... very handy nor savvy when it comes to home construction so we really appreciate him taking the time to explain to us all aspects of the inspection. Also, Michael was friendly, professional and timely; he provided the report over a holiday and a more
Stephanie Ballard
Stephanie Ballard
14:24 19 Mar 21
MOSE is the best in the business. Once again we were happy with their inspection services - they are professional,... friendly and knowledgeable. Would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family (and have)!read more
Rodrigo Morales
Rodrigo Morales
18:27 10 Sep 20
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