The real estate market in the greater Montreal, Laval and South Shore region is heating up. A strong job market and a thriving economy is increasing demand. Inventory is relatively low, 16% less properties for sale than this time last year, which also increases competition and drives up prices. In this article we will give you 8 Tips for Staging Your House Prior to Sale which will give your home an edge to sell better. At Mose Home Inspection Services we understand that traditional home staging is a well-established industry that focuses on making decorative changes to your home such as;
  • Removing clutter
  • Intense clean up
  • Aesthetic changes like; new bathroom fixtures and curtains and throw rugs
  As experienced home inspection professionals we at Mose Home Inspection Services see home staging from a different perspective. From our point of view, fixing a few things, prior to placing your house on the market, is a good idea because it will make your house look well maintained, and that’s exactly what buyers want to see.

Montreal is a city with a great many balconies, porches and back decks; and Montrealers make good use of them during the summers. Playwright David Fennario even referred to the city as "Balconville" in his play of the same name, alluding to the balcony's central place in the city's culture, where thousands of Montrealers retreat to escape the heat of their sun-baked homes - and often get to know their neighbours better at the same time. But when homeowners make the...