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MHIS Home Inspector Team

Mose Home Inspection Services (MHIS) employs a team of qualified home inspectors. Each inspector has completed a recognized residential home inspection course and is a member of  the International Association of Certified Inspectors ( InterNachi Quebec ) recognized by the OCAIQ, a professional home inspection association. Our inspectors are chosen not only for their credentials in home inspection, but for the related skills and experience that they bring to the table.

The team has a diverse background in construction, renovation, home restoration, electrical engineering, landscaping, workplace safety and first-aid, and building maintenance. MHIS inspectors walk clients step by step through their home inspection report, ensuring the client has a complete understanding of the condition of their prospective home. Knowledge of homes and their systems, plus the ability to communicate effectively to the client, are the strengths of the Mose.

Mose Home Inspection Services offers inspections and reports in both French and English. In addition, to accommodate Montreal’s multilingual community, we also offer verbal briefings after the inspection in French, English, Russian, German, Hebrew, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and Greek, giving you the chance to ask questions in the language of your choice.

Providing Home Inspection Services Since 2002
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Ivan Mose

Founder and CEO, Certified Master Inspector

As the founder and CEO of Mose Home Inspection Services, Ivan makes sure his inspectors are well taken care of and are supported by the business to provide the best possible service.

Carol Mose

Certified Professional Inspector

Carol Mose graduated at the top of her class in the Vanier College Home Inspection Program in 2008 and has inspected nearly a thousand homes since then. The inspection trade might just be in her blood.

Rui Su

Certified Professional Inspector

After over ten years of experience in the engineering industry, Rui has now dedicated himself to the residential home inspection field. While working with engineering companies, he participated in construction compliance checks of large engineering projects.

Alexander Funshtein

Certified Professional Inspector

Alex has a strong technical background. His education began with an engineering degree from the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute, and he worked as an engineer in Belarus for several years.

Gerry Hionis

Certified Professional Inspector

From the neighbourhood “fix it” guy to Montreal heritage building expert, Gerry appreciates old world charm, but is quick to identify systems that do not meet today’s standards.

Michael Kallaur

Certified Professional Inspector

Michael Kallaur got his start in the housing market negotiating prices on windows and doors for homes in Croatia with a Team Canada diplomatic mission. He had always thought he would become a diplomat–but instead, through his work, he developed a passion for home systems and construction.

Michael Winkel

Certified Professional Inspector

With 18 years of construction under his belt, plus extensive academic study of wood, Michael loves to unravel the story behind a building construction. “Building components leave traces of history, and you get to piece it together—I love that,” Michael says.

Xin Liu

Certified Professional Inspector

With years of work in green building evaluation and passive house testing, Xin also has a years of experience in evaluating building energy saving systems. Xin is passionate about helping homeowners reduce their energy consumption and expenses. Xin speaks English, Mandarin and some French.

Mose Home Inspection
Services Is Recruiting
Are you a home inspector or taking an accredited home inspection course?
Mose Home Inspection Services Is Recruiting
Are you a home inspector or taking an accredited home inspection course?
Mose Home Inspection Services Is Recruiting
Are you a home inspector or taking an accredited home inspection course?