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Inspecting The Interior

Mose Home Inspection Services, Montreal

Inspecting the Interior

In this page we will discuss how Mose handles inspecting the interior of your home.

A professional home inspection is conducted based on industry standards of practice. At Mose Home Inspection Services we base ourselves on is the ASHI & Inter-NACHI standards of practice. On this page we use the term “home” but the following equally applies to condominiums as well.

After a long day returning to a comfortable well furnished and decorated home is a wonderful thing.

At Mose Home Inspection Services we go to great lengths to make sure that when we do an interior inspection of your home that we do as little as possible to disturb the peace and order of your home.

What a Home Inspection Can & Can’t Do

“A general home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of a residential property.” Source InterNACHI. What this means is that Mose Home Inspection Services cannot do anything to remove fixtures (vent covers, light switch covers, etc.) or in any way pierce walls or move any large items (wall cabinets, storage boxes, etc.) in the course of our inspection.

The Mose Home Inspection Services team is trained to spot “material defects” in a home, things like wiring or plumbing that can be a problem. Other issues may include visible cracks in walls or the foundation. The standard home inspection is not technically exhaustive, it will not reveal every issue that exists or ever could exist, but will reveal defects that currently exist in the home.

Your inspector may recommend that you seek out a specialty inspection service such as; structural, mold, drainage plumbing scan, air quality test.

“The general home inspection is based on the observations made on the date of the inspection, and not a prediction of future conditions.” InterNACHI

It is recommended that the homeowner make all the areas of the home that are listed in the section “How We Conduct an Interior Inspection” clear and accessible for the inspector so that they can do the best job possible of inspection your home.

Inspecting the Interior

How We Conduct an Interior Inspection

As was mentioned above the Mose Home Inspection Services inspector cannot be invasive in their work but there is a great deal they will learn about the home as they conduct their inspection.

Inspecting the Exterior

Ceilings & Walls

On the inside of the home, we inspect the ceilings and walls to determine their quality and condition. We are looking for signs of water damage and potential mold infiltration among other trouble signs.

Poor paint conditions may uncover signs of poor ventilation especially in bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements.

There are also tell tale signs of insect infestation that can be visible when inspecting the walls and ceilings when you know what to look for.

Doors and windows

We check doors & windows to make sure they function properly and are well sealed against weather conditions. An interior door can sometimes tell a story -for example, a door that shuts poorly may indicate that the structure has been moved or that it was not installed by a certified contractor.

We will also check the garage doors to make sure they function properly and are safe. We will check the safety features on electro-mechanical door openers as well.


The home inspector determines if the plumbing services in your home are properly function and looks for visible signs of damage and poor maintenance.

Items checked include;

Water shut off valve function

Water heater function (including power connection, and relief valves, and bracing)

Water pressure

Condition of the plumbing fixtures, (toilettes, faucets, sinks, tubs, sump pumps and drains)


In the basement or crawlspace, the home inspector looks for any defects in the foundation or structure. Water intrusion is always a concern, so we check thoroughly for any evidence of leaks.

As basements are often finished by their owners without professional advice, we check them carefully. Many older buildings have a crawlspace which is checked very carefully as many problems can lurk in the cobwebs.

Items checked include;

Foundation condition (if visible)

Crawlspaces (if accessible and safe)

Structural components (pillars, joists, etc. if exposed)

Inspecting the Interior

Other interior items we check include;





Want to learn more?

Please visit the other pages on our site that describe some of the other aspects of the Mose Home Inspection Services home inspection process.

Need a house inspected? Book your inspection now!
Are you In a hurry? Give us a call directly at 1-855-426-1095
Need a house inspected?
Book your inspection now!
Are you In a hurry? Give us a call directly at 1-855-426-1095
Need a house inspected? Book your inspection now!
Are you In a hurry? Give us a call directly at 1-855-426-1095