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Carpenter ants are small insects that can cause big problems. As home inspectors, we often come across the signs of carpenter ants in a home and we need to let homeowners know why this could be important. Carpenter ants can damage wooden structures in a home, and their presence usually means you have a problem with water leaking into your home. We’ve noticed that there is a lot of misunderstanding about these insects, so here are some facts and myths about carpenter ants. Fact: Carpenter ant colonies are large Once a...

The last few weeks have brought the bitter cold, blowing winds and snow we all dread. Winter in these parts is not for the weak. One thing you really want to avoid at any time of the year, but particularly in winter, is problems with your hot water tank. When you’ve been stuck outside shovelling and come in looking for a hot shower or bath, you want to make sure you have hot water. Without taking proper care of your...