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The Electrical System

Mose Home Inspection Services, Montreal

Inspecting The Electrical System

In this page we will discuss how Mose handles inspecting the electrical system of your home.

A professional home inspection is conducted based on industry standards of practice. At Mose Home Inspection Services we base ourselves on is the ASHI & Inter-NACHI standards of practice. On this page we use the term “home” but the following equally applies to condominiums as well.

Even 40 years ago the demands placed on the electrical systems of a home were nothing like they are today. From modern appliances which require many different types of voltage to the plethora of electronics we use on a daily basis.

At Mose Home Inspection Services we understand how critical your electrical system is to the good working order of your home. Despite the fact that in the greater Montreal area, Laval and the South Shore we enjoy relatively low cost electricity we still want to avoid waste and we go to great lengths to make sure that your electrical system is safe.

Why Your Electrical System Inspection is Important

Electricity runs behind the scenes and the walls of your home. It provides you with the comforts of modern living. It also hold risks, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical problems are the largest cause of property damage in home structure. CSA identifies small appliances plugged into inadequate or improper home wring as the leading cause of accidental electrocutions. These safety hazards can be easily addressed and prevented with a proper electrical home inspection.

How We Conduct An Electrical System Inspection

As was mentioned earlier the Mose Home Inspection Services inspector cannot be invasive in their work but there is a great deal they will learn about your electrical system as they conduct their inspection.

Safety concerns

The following are some of the items we look for to ensure the safety of your electrical system.

Checking the safe operation of electrical components in your home.

Identifying common electrical mistakes made by contractors and previous DIY homeowners.

Recognizing outdated wiring such as aluminum or knob and tube.

Pointing out overused or degraded wiring.

Spotting oversized fuses or breakers that could lead to fire.

Identifying potential fire and safety hazards.

Tips to help you save energy and reduce costs.

Letting you know the electrical in a new home is safe before you purchase it.

What We Inspect In The Electrical System

As per the InterNACHI standards here is a breakdown of what Mose Home Inspection Services verifies when we inspect your home’s electrical systems.

The service drop (where the city electrical service comes from the street or pole)

The overhead service conductors and attachment point;

The service head, gooseneck and drip loops;

The service mast, service conduit and raceway;

The electric meter and base;

Service-entrance conductors;

The main service disconnect;

Panelboards and over-current protection devices (circuit breakers and fuses);

Service grounding and bonding;

A representative number of switches, lighting fixtures and receptacles, including receptacles observed and deemed to be arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI)-protected using the AFCI test button, where possible;

All ground-fault circuit interrupter receptacles and circuit breakers observed and deemed to be GFCIs using a GFCI tester, where possible; and

For the presence of smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors.

Additional Items verified

The interior and exterior lights and ceiling fans will also be tested. The home inspector always checks for safety hazards such as exposed wiring, and self-installed extension cord wiring.

We pay special attention to the basement. Basements are often finished without the benefit of a professional electrician, making them more likely to contain problems.

Want to learn more?

Please visit the other pages on our site that describe some of the other aspects of the Mose Home Inspection Services home inspection process.

Need a house inspected? Book your inspection now!
Are you In a hurry? Give us a call directly at 1-855-426-1095
Need a house inspected?
Book your inspection now!
Are you In a hurry? Give us a call directly at 1-855-426-1095
Need a house inspected? Book your inspection now!
Are you In a hurry? Give us a call directly at 1-855-426-1095